10.36kW Solar System

To suit the needs of families that have either a single-phase or three-phase power supply, we offer two different solar system solutions. The 10.36kW Solar System is designed for large houses and features our 10.36kW WiFi Smart Inverter, whilst the 6.66kW Solar System addresses medium-sized homes.

How many solar panels Required for a 10.36kW home system?

A 10.36kW solar system typically consists of 28 – 40 panels that will take up just 51 – 64m2. If you buy the best quality panels possible, you’ll need fewer because they’re more efficient.

How much electricity do 10.36kW solar systems produce?

10.36kW solar panels can generate between 35-45 kWh of electricity per day. The amount and cost vary depending on the region and the tilt and orientation of the panels.

Why Should You Install 10.36Kw Solar Panels for Your Home?

8.5kW / 10.36kW solar installations in Australia can be a great investment for your home. They are easy to install, and they can decrease your electricity bill significantly. If you live in a state where the sun is strong, you will save even more money on your energy bill. 10.36kW solar installation is the best option for a medium-size family. 

Solar panels are a great way to decrease your electricity costs. However, they don’t come cheap. So, if you’re not ready to spend a fortune on solar panels but still want to reap the benefits of using them, then consider installing a 6.66kW solar system for your home which allows for additional panels in the future. Aussie Solar Solutions believes strongly in future-proofing your system.

Solar panel installation is an expensive and time-consuming process that needs professional expertise in order to get the job done right. If you are looking for reliable residential solar panel installation in Australia, visit Aussie Solar Solutions.